Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cast your cares upon me, For I care for you....

Thats a simple sentence right?! Cast your cares on the Lord, because he cares for us...
Its so short and simple... but yet I find it so hard to do. I find it very interesting how one day you can stand so strong so firm, so unshakable... But then the very next day the enemy is coming at you ten times harder and from 3 other directions. But still even when that happens, when that worry comes and that anxiety fills our minds, all we need to do is Cast our cares on him, Because the Lord cares for us, and knows exactly what we need to get to where we need to be. He wont let us fail, he wont let us fall behind. Even when we cant walk, he'll carry us. This is one of those concepts that I still cant wrap my head around fully, its just so beautiful.
But with the semester winding down, and finals approaching and a increasingly busy work schedule, and being pulled in a million directions the past week, I have allowed myself to fall into the trap of anxiety and worry. And I believe that those two things, worry and anxiety, are one of his biggest weapons, because the more time he can get us to worry about things, the more were going to delay in actually doing something. And by worrying we aren't being productive, and we cant add a single hour to our lives by worrying, but infact we actually waste years of our lives worrying, and it makes me sick to think of how much of my own life I have wasted by this.
All of this made me realize that I need to have more faith. I have such little faith in God that I doubted if he could carry me through this hectic week, I got myself so stressed out, and so worried about it that i was grabbing for control and in tears everyday.... stressing about how I was going to get everything done. When really what I needed to be doing was praying about it and asking God to give me the wisdom and guidance on what to do, I needed to cast my cares upon him. if were honest with ourselves we would see that the The amount of worry in our life directly corralates to how much faith we have. And it really humbled me to see that I really worry about so much, so much stuff that God has promised meet. And who am I to question God?!
So my prayer for myself and everyone else, is our faith to increase and our worry to decrease. That we would see the Lord as our faithful witness, The one who won't fail us, the One who is and always will be there for us.. The God of heaven and Earth will provide for us in ways we couldnt of even dreamed of, and all he asks is that we come and sit at his feet and trust him. Know that he is good. As soon as we step back and put things back into focus, and replace our worry with prayer, and place our eyes on Jesus, everything will fall back into place.... even if it doesnt always make sense to us.