Thursday, March 25, 2010


i thought id share some songs that have really been moving me and compelling my heart lately....

take me in - kutless

Burn for you - Fee

this song sung by matt gilman based off of psalm 119

worth it all - rita springer

my soul longs for you- misty edwards

so good to me - Cory asbury

your river it rushes to the lowest place - laura hackett

okay sorry that was soo many lol but they are all just soo good i couldnt leave any of them out. i highly encourage you to listen to them all. and be blessed by them!!!! =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Can I just say, how happy and thankful I am that it was so nice out today!!! it was absolutly beautiful out, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, everyone was out enjoying the sun, and going about their st. Pattys day traditions. And I realized how much true beauty there is in days like this. And as I watched the people walk around, i was wondering if they found that beauty too. If they saw the beauty in the sun, and the clouds, the birds, the little kids running outside, the flowers that are slowly but surely blooming. I wondered if they knew the true creator of it all. and my heart ached for them. Because I can remember the times when a beautiful day like this would roll around and I would take it so much for granted. I would just pass it by like any other day. But now days like these are a reminder to me. They remind me that God, creator of heaven and earth, is real, is powerful, is loving, and is bigger than I could ever imagine.
And today, as Tara and I drove (top down of course ;) ) down to the water, and sat there, and as I was trying to find shapes in the clouds, I found hope.
I found hope. A hope that told me that everything is going to work out for good. A hope that told me beauty is in everything, i just need to look a little harder sometimes. Because before beautiful sunny days like this come, theres always the cold dark stormy ones. And sometimes those stormy days can cause damage, things can be pressed, things can be struck down. But we can stand firm in the Lord, because we know that we might be pressed on all sides, but we wont be crushed, we can be struck down, but not destroyed.
I was reminded about all of this, because theres been times in the past few weeks, that I would get so anxious and so stressed and upset about what im going to be doing in the fall. and not knowing, and having completely different ideas as my mom about what i should do. and not wanting to make the wrong decision. and ive been finding it hard to remove myself, and my wants, and my needs and to replace them with Gods wants and Gods ideas, and his will, and not mine. I need to be reminded that with God in control it WILL work out. and its the times when im in control that it goes bad. haha. so true.

" you said there would be joy in the laying down.
you said there would joy in the letting go.
you said there would be joy in the giving up my life.
your river it rushes to the lowest place,
come and rush over me, come and rush over me.
I bow down, I get low, I open up my heart to receive your love."

Friday, March 5, 2010

called to love

once again, its almost 3am.... but this time i was all comfy in my bed barely awake but then my mind got to thinking, and my heart began smiling.... so here I am. And let me just say, that I am still so blown away by all that the Lord is doing in me, my friends, my town, this nation... its so insane, and I still want more. the aching in my heart for more of his presence increases everyday. Just the other day I was thinking that right now, I am in the best place in my life that I think i have ever been in, but at the same time, I am more desperate than ever. I need God in my life more and more everyday. desperate for an encounter, in anyway, whether it be a intense prayer time, a sunny day, having a bible study with my best friend, just sitting quietly waiting on the Lord, getting touched while watching the IHOP webstream, or getting completely and utterly overwhelmed with Joy. everyday I am learning more and more that without Him I am Nothing. Recently, i have really been ( for the first time) feeling called to something, something much much bigger than myself. Feeling called to work for the Kingdom. I know that in the bible, the great commission calls us all as christians to go tell the nations of the good news, But i know that for the longest time I thought that that wasnt "my calling". and i think a good amount of christians today believe this too, that it just isnt "my gift", or that we arent good enough speakers.... and for anyone who knows me, you know that public speaking of any kind is like my worst nightmare.... but anywho i think you know where im going with this...but all of those are just excuses, fears that the enemy has planted in our minds to get us to waste time. and it works! I believe that one of the biggest tools that the enemy uses is to get us to waste time in persueing the kingdom of God, to make us distracted. Me and my friend tara, have recently started taking a evangelism class together, and it has been such a blessing to the both of us. it has opened a lot of oppertunities for us to gain confidence and to boldly be able to share our faith with others. Something that just a FEW WEEKS AGO, just the thought of doing would make me anxious and almost sick to my stomach with nerves, but now has almost turned into a everyday occurence. I cannot tell you how many nights at starbucks have ended up with having real. deep. meaningful conversations about Jesus, with complete strangers. Its so cool to see, because theres been a few times that me and tara would be just sitting at a table talking amongst ourselves, or reading our bibles together or something and people have come up to us asking questions and starting the conversations! its soo awesome! Its so amazing how God will and really wants to move through each one of us. And i am so thankful that God doesnt call us to be perfect, but to have a willing heart. If you are willing to partner with his heart then he is more than willing and more than able to move in really powerful ways!

=) =) =)